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Learning Game Development in 24 hours versus Reality

My adventure with Unity game engine started some time ago. It wasn't easy for a complete rookie to learn anything. I experimented with standard assets and tried reverse engineering of other people free assets. I also purchased a book that contained good advices but skipped some important elements like scripting.
Then I found another book available in stores in Polish language. This book was in original titled: "Unity Game Development in 24 Hours" by Mike Geig. I purchased it and... put it on the shelf for some months. I decided that I want to stick to my own project and I will use books only as a sort of emergency dictionary when I run into more complicated issues.

Now I know that it was a mistake.

By now I learned that when you want to create something and you are not yet good at it then you should start by doing smaller projects and prototypes. In Polish this projects are called rubbish projects because when you start them you agree that they might fail and you don…

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