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Tools for writing good story

Imagine that you go to Cinema to watch newest movie about your favourite character. It could be next movie from Star Wars, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Mission Impossible or even Bridget Jones. Then you go back home and read book by Dan Brown or Ken Follet. Or you may play some of Assasin's Creed or Call of Duty games. 
Do you know what all of these have in common?
A good written story...
Cassandra Rodino is main character of computer game that I'm currently working on. I want it to have an interesting story so I started from collecting good ideas. During my school days we had a homework to write a short story about some topic. We learned about how to describe characters and that a story should have beginning, a middle and the end. When I started writing story for Cassandra's adventure I have noticed that it's a hard work and the effects are far from my expectations. So I searched for some aid in writing story and I found two tools that managed to improve my work a lot.…

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